A Storyteller from the Pacific Northwest

Hello! I'm Rebecca Field Wilson, and storytelling has been my passion since I was a little girl listening to the tall tales of my family and friends in the cozy corners of the Pacific Northwest. Today, I live here with my loving husband, and we often spend our days surrounded by the laughter and creativity of our adult sons and their families.

Inspired by Life and Nature

My journey as an author is deeply entwined with my roots. Raised in a place where the forests meet the sea, I've always been inspired by the natural world and the rich tapestry of stories that emerge from it. My books are a reflection of these inspirations, woven together with memories of childhood friends and the timeless tales told by my family.


A Day in My Life

When I'm not writing, you might find me exploring the trails of the lush forests that inspire my stories, experimenting with new recipes in my kitchen, or lost in a good book. Each of these passions fuels my creativity and spills over into the pages of my children's books.

Published Works and Recognition

I am the proud author of "Miss Geralyn the Librarian," a story that captures the enchantment of a world where books are just the beginning of the adventure. Alongside this, my portfolio includes several other titles that share the themes of friendship, adventure, and learning.

My Mission

My mission is simple: to craft stories that ignite curiosity, inspire kindness, and foster an enduring love for reading in children. I strive to create books that not only entertain but also offer valuable life lessons.

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